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We are on a Mission to Support Women Who are in Need

Our organization’s goal is to empower women by providing: GED/High School Diploma assistance, Resume building, Supportive Mentorship, Assistance with finding stable housing, Prison reintegration support, Food Pantry, and much more.

Who we are

Las Vegas Leading Ladies (LVLL) is a non-profit organization that assists women by addressing and assisting them to resolve obstacles that impede their ability to obtain their goals and dreams. Obstacles such as unemployment, reentry into society, educational roadblocks, or even lack of support. Our organization works side by side with women in the form of mentorship to provide the necessary sisterhood support and resources to women who are in the most need.
women's care center jobs
women's care center jobs

Get to know us

Who do we support?

If you are women who are facing life changing obstacles and are in need of support. Such as: women who have been recently or are soon to be released from prison, lower income, half-way home, or shelter. Women who are having difficulties pursuing their educational goals such as obtaining a high school diploma or college degree. Women who want to start a business but are in need of support and resources. Women who are looking for a supportive and inclusive organization that offers community volunteering opportunities.


LVLL goal is to strengthen women physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and educationally to excel and to be a support to other women to also excel.

Why We Exist

We believe it is important for women to encourage and validate each other. We support women who have lost or forgotten their purpose and self worth are able to regain it. To date LVLL has SUCCESSFULLY assisted in preventing 5 suicide attempts in women with unaddressed trauma. We have assisted in providing women with the necessary resources for safe placement away from domestic violence situations. We have also assisted over 30 women parenting support. We have encouraged the growth of women through mentorship and support groups.
Many of our staff and volunteers have been victims of abuse in various ways. Therefore, we approach with a heightened level of awareness and compassion.
We as an organization foremost are humble servants for each other and the Las Vegas, NV community.
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